API Invoke Methods

Open Platform API is invoking by HTTP Method,API is using REST Style,developers should assemble the HTTP Request according a certain format to invoke API,you can refer to example code for details.

一,Invoke Parameters

When invoking API ,you must input the systematic and applied parameters.

1)Systematic Parameters detailed instruction:

Name Type Required Description
method string Y API Name
timestamp string Y timestamp,the format is 'yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm:ss', Example:2015-01-10 12:51:13.The time error between the Server and Client is in 10 minutes.
format string N selectable, assign the response format. Optional value: json
app_key string Y AppKey of the Appllication need applying us.
v string Y API Agreement Version,optional value:1.0 .
sign string Y getting by md5 encrypt to API calling paramters (apart this 'sign'). You can refer to 3)sign
sign_method string N selectable,the encryption method of the params,optional value:md5
access_token string Y getting the Access Token value by authorization

2)Applied Paramters,please refer to the API Params Instruction.


When calling an API to server ,need SIGN Verify to the request params.Here is the example:

accorgin params name(apart sign and image),sort all the request params by alphabetic order:key + value....key+value

Example:sort foo=1,bar=2,baz=3 to bar=2,baz=3,foo=1, splice the params name and value then get the string bar2baz3foo1 splice secretKey to the start and end of params sting.

Example:secretKey value is secret123, you will get this string :secret123bar2baz3foo1secret123 , and then upper it after md5 encryption.

JAVA Instance Code:

     //signContent   is the string to be encrypted after the splice
     String sign= "";
     try {
          MessageDigest md = MessageDigest.getInstance("MD5");
          byte[] byteData = md.digest();
          StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
          for(int b : byteData){
              b = b&0xFF;
          sign= sb.toString().toUpperCase();
      } catch (Exception e) {

二,Splice the HTTP Request

 all params is convert by UTF-8 .

 Query API  request by  GET  Method,Modification API request by the POST Method.

 Order kind request invoke [http://wop.wangjubao.com/rest/trade](http://wop.wangjubao.com/rest/trade)
 Member kind request invoke[http://wop.wangjubao.com/rest/buyer](http://wop.wangjubao.com/rest/buyer)
 Grouping kind request invoke[http://wop.wangjubao.com/rest/buyergroup](http://wop.wangjubao.com/rest/buyergroup)
 Tag kind request invoke[http://wop.wangjubao.com/rest/buyerlabel](http://wop.wangjubao.com/rest/buyerlabel)
 Integration kind request invoke[http://wop.wangjubao.com/rest/jifen](http://wop.wangjubao.com/rest/jifen)
 Marketing kind request invoke [http://wop.wangjubao.com/rest/ump](http://wop.wangjubao.com/rest/ump)
 Shopcart kind request invoke[http://wop.wangjubao.com/rest/shopcart](http://wop.wangjubao.com/rest/shopcart)
 Favourite kind request invoke[http://wop.wangjubao.com/rest/favor](http://wop.wangjubao.com/rest/favor)

三,Error Code

error code error description solution
80001 not found AppKey input AppKey when request
80002 useless AppKey apply for useful ppKey
80003 useless time parames use the current time to request again; if the error between system time and server,adjust your system time.
80004 not found sign sign the request params according to agreement
80005 sign check failure inspect AppKey and SecretKey ,check the sign creating method
80006 request not assign one API method assign one Api method
80007 request unexpected method check the request method is defined in API
80008 not found Access Token input Access Token
80009 useless Access Token input useful Access Token
81001 request error server is busy and can't accept new request
81002 params error check the API method invoking params
81003 method execute failure retry request